Weather overlay won't stay off when turned off using the layer button?

When trying to use the app to check which plane was flying over today in Nearby Me, the weather overlay kept making it hard to see the flight track lines, so I tried to turn the overlay off using the Weather checkmark in the layer drop-down, and chose the Classic map type using the same. The weather overlay turned off temporarily, and Classic mode works well to see the flight tracks above all else, so problem solved. This is almost always how I’d use the app.

But later when I returned to the app, the weather overlay was back on. I tried a couple times to get it to stay off between sessions, but it appears that unlike map type, the app doesn’t have a way to keep Weather overlay off by default, which makes it difficult to see flight track by default.

Could persisting this preference please be considered as a new feature, or am I just hitting a bug in how the Weather checkbox works? Android version on Android 9/Pie.

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