Weather Delay Question

I’m trying to figure out why only KEWR has inbound flights delays of 1 hour 15 minutes due to wind. When KJFK / KLGA /KETB are all in the same area with very similar conditions.

KEWR 171411Z 1714/1818 23014G21KT

KLGA 171411Z 1714/1812 23017G23KT

KJFK 171411Z 1714/1818 24018G23KT

KTEB 171451Z 27018G32KT

Probably just who was impacted first. LGA is now the same:
LaGuardia (KLGA) is currently experiencing inbound flights delayed at their origin an average of 59 minutes due to wind.

OK, thanks for the reply.

It’s Newark, they ALWAYS have delays. Today, they just choose to blame it on 'wind" instead of the normal “volume”. Holding at SHAFF anyone?

SHAFF is a bad mother…shut yo mouth!