Weather briefing for IFR flights

I just looked at your planner and find it very attractive. One issue that I see, if I understand this correctly, is that you only get access to the FAA briefing material AFTER you file the flight plan. I would not want to use the planner if this is the case, because I base my plan (departure time, fuel loaded, and route) on the expected weather. I do not want to file a plan until I have seen the briefing. … 7172#77172

This has been requested before and is coming; at the moment we’re working on more pressing things like RAIM.

Dang, sorry to hear this…

Weather / NOTAMS to me way more important then RAIM GPS outages unless I am really missing something in my briefings???

Always up for learning (wondering why RAIM more important then weather) :wink:

You get the weather briefing after you file, and you can always file again for another time, no harm, no foul.