VOR Database

From where does FlightAware get its VOR info (lat,long,ID,etc.)?

We use a database of navigation fixes published by the FAA.

Is that database publicly accessible?

If so, do you have an address?


Is there any reason why you use the lat/long instead of the VOR name? It makes tracking the flights difficult when the FPL route info works by the VOR names and not lat/long.

With the exception of the Pacific and Atlantic oceanic lat/long fixed, I reckon that they are completely useless to everyone else.

I think it’s distributed on CD/DVD from the NFDC.

I’m working on an app and I need to be able to locate the VORs using the lat/long.

See if this helps.

ourairports.com/navaids/DEN/ … OR-DME_US/

I sent you a PM…