Volaris Info

To FA staff:

Mexican carrier Volaris is starting service into SAN on July 15th. I was surfing around the FA site and noticed that there’s no info regarding them. It just says “unknown owner” with no photos, etc…
They already have a lot of flights between GDL/MEX and some US locations

Call sign- “Volaris”
Website for US- volaris.mx/Inicio.aspx?culture=en-US

The VOI flights are showing up on FA. There’s just no info about them. Hope this helps.

Foreign operators are excluded from our feed from the FAA by default, and Volaris has not elected to opt-in yet.

Not sure what exactly you get from FAA’s feed…but the flights are tracking (within US airspace). Maybe I’m slightly confused lol…
And I see a thumbnail pic now, so thanks to whoever just added the photo.

Oh, I see now. Sorry, people have been noting for years that they couldn’t track Volaris, so I assumed it was the same again. Their name will appear tomorrow.