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just a typo


“I think you need more space between fish and and and and and chips.”

(It is awkward looking, but correct. Perhaps “checked in during November” would be clearer)

edit: and since that led me down the Wikipedia rabbit-hole, I’ll inflict this on you: The old man the boat.

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“checked-in” perhaps?

you’re right, it is correct (but it still looks wrong!)

What is wrong with that sentence? Oh, yes, it can look ugly.

The feeder check-in was last time in November, so the two “in in” seem to be valid (as far as a non-native speaker understand.

If it would be a different date (e.g. day) it would say “This feeder last checked in on Monday”

Maybe a small change like “The last feeder check in was in November 2020”. But your suggested hyphen look good as well

It’s fine, it just doesn’t look fine.

Unrelated (and way off topic) but a good way of spotting non native English speakers is their use of the word ‘since’.

“I have been here since two years” That’s incorrect. You could say “I have been here since December 2018” or “I have been here for two years” but not “since two years”. It’s a really difficult one to get right and it’s a dead giveaway :slight_smile:

Each language does have these difficulties, sometimes even for native speakers :slight_smile:

very popular example is the word “umfahren”.
Depending on the pronounciation it can mean

  1. Das Schild umfahren: bypass the sign
  2. Das Schild umfahren: break the sign (by crashing into it)

So without getting the whole context it’s a mission impossible

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