Vertical Profile


It would be nice to see a vertical profile graph as well…


Isn’t that what it is?

OK, “the gang of 9” can start posting. :laughing:


Believe they already have 2 vertical profiles. There’s one on the map (take a look at the shadow under the plane icon). There’s another one in the log that shows the exact altitude every minute of the flight.

If you are the least bit familar with Excel or Quattro Pro or another spreadsheet program, just copy the altitudes into a spreadsheet and create a graph. I created one and it came out great. By doing it yourself, you can create the graph exactly how you like it. Plus, you can combine several flights into one graph.


We’d like to offer this, too. We need to fix those anomalous altitude reports and then we’ll be able to do it.


Looking forward to that, dbaker. The first flight I did a altitude profile on in Excel had the aircraft’s last altitude as 37,000 feet - and this was after it landed! :smiley:


Yeah, exactly – and I’m waiting to see if anyone votes “no” to this thread. :wink:


Okay, I voted no but that was only to fulfill dbaker’s expectation. I didn’t really mean it!




Ok fine… All the nay sayers can opt not to look at vertical graphs. They can continue to use their antiquated copy-paste to Excel method, as opposed to a convenient click or eye shift. Perhaps for them you can create a text-only version where the aircraft are represented by Xs, so they can access this site through Lynx.


Oh wait… you can use l33t ANSI art, and we’ll dial in at 2400 bps.


Folks, we have another humor-impaired person here! Chill out, jszatmary. We were joking. I would like to see a profile but I don’t think it’s a high priority.


I don’t know, I thought a text interface for Lynx was pretty funny myself. I laughed so hard my acoustic modem tripped offline.



Can we get a disclaimer for the newly dubbed “Group of 9” for when newbies sign up?


I’m not humor impaired, I’m sarcastic… Those posts contain sarcasm: S A R C A S M (srkzm)


Actually, y’all had me intriguid with the vertical profile, so I did one of my flights in Excel. Not too much excitement in seeing me climb to 5000, hold that altitude for one hour and descend to 2000 and cancel IFR.

I do enjoy the vertical profile that I can create from my GPS output as that is derived from AGL, and you do see a variance in the chart that looks more like the ups and downs of the stock market.

Personally, hope it remains low priority considering the little information it provides. After all, most flights are assigned an altitude and remain there for the majority of the flight.



I think I like this guy - he can do the sarcasm route with a straight face.

Don’t forget to use the [sarcasm][/sarcasm] tags.

The above was stated without malice, hate, or any other bad intentions.


Do we need to steal the PAC-10 dami??? I am starting to think so…


Ok, for the imagination impaired, how about a vertical profile over terrain…? Are you getting more excited now?

Ultimately, I’m sure this all will or should lead to real-time 3D flight following with Google Earth or some other 3D visualization, or a plug-in for MS flight sim., but I’m guessing that’s a while away. Sounds like some good/fun open source stuff someone should write…


How in the world did nitro and ipod get in it!!! IT SHOULD BE GANG OF 7! :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:


Include me. Without me it would have never happened.