Version 3.0 - ArrayOfTrackStruct - altitude (not sure what value this is)


altitude int The aircraft altitude at time of position update

      "timestamp": 1523647658,
      "latitude": 40.71667,
      "longitude": -74.15,
      "groundspeed": 130,
      "altitude": 5,
      "altitude_status": "",
      "update_type": "TZ",
      "altitude_change": "D"

when i cross refrerence the flight - the altitude i get is: 914 how does “altitude”: 5 = 914 meters

Version 3.0 Beta


Looks like that position, based on the timestamp, is the last position for this flight.

Also, your web display of meters for altitude will be different than what is provided by the API, as that will be in hundreds of feet, so 5 would be 500 ft…