Various, Russian planes burn in massive fires . . .

Moscow area forest fire burned right through Russian Navy base for aircraft, at the Central Aerotechnical Base (CAB) of the Russian Navy Air Force and Air Defense is located on the outskirts of the town of Kolomna (Shurovo District in Moscow Region). Reports say up to 200 aircraft have been destroyed. … 2344.shtml

Title amended, aircraft in fire were derelict ex museum pieces.
Losses at the Naval facility included SU-33 engines but no actual

You realize that website is a propaganda tool for Anti-Russian rebels, right? I’d like to hear a credible and independent site corroborate that story.

The Independent: Thirteen hangars outside Moscow belonging to the Russian Navy burned down yesterday, destroying the aircraft and equipment inside them.

Voice of America: Last Thursday, flames roared through a Navy supply base 100 kilometers east of Moscow.

BBC: Officials say a naval aviation storage area outside Moscow burnt down last week, with the loss of an unknown quantity of hardware. Nobody was hurt but 13 warehouses were destroyed in the blaze near Kolomna, which began on Thursday and lasted into Friday, military prosecutors said. According to Russian news agency Interfax, the Kolomna depot services aircraft from all of Russian navy’s fleets. Earlier, the defence ministry denied Russian media reports that scores of planes and helicopters had been destroyed.

I’m not saying there wasn’t damage at a base near Kolomna, but if it is this base outside Kolomna, then I don’t see them losing 200 aircraft:, … 8&t=h&z=13

TASS says it is/was a storage facility. It is not a Naval Air Base and no aircraft were present. Some components might have been, along with trucks and ground equipment.

I’ve finally got it sorted out!!!

The Naval Storage base that burned, was just storage, their is another facility 11 km away that houses the current production of Migs, Google maps Click Here Tretyakovo Airport.

The Reuters photo that was included with the original story of 200 plus aircraft destroyed, is actually a photo taken at Khodynka Field, Moscow, which is a former National Air and Space Museum in Moscow, however it is now closed and the aircraft are abandoned.

Slide Show of derelict aircraft (Museum piece’s?) at Khodynka Field. More Flickr photos.

Google map of Khodynka Field Click Here. this is the line of Migs that appeared in Reuters photo.

The Navy Base, Click Here for map is at the center of the map. It is multiple buildings and vehicle storage, but zero aircraft are visible of any kind.

Click Here for the history of Lukhovitsy Aviation Production and Test Complex (LAPIK) (Russian Navy Base destroyed by fire).