US Vice President - South Africa


just leaving South Africa after 3 day visit in 99-0003 departing Lanseria.not using Airforce 2 callsign but S7232??


The local controller agency might not recognize “Air Force 2” down there so they had to use the other call sign, was it SAM 7232? Air Force One might be different I don’t know. I did hear the recording of AF1 leaving China a couple years ago and it did use the call sign Air Force One.

When Hawaiian Airlines flew their new A332 back from France, they did not use the HA 9700 or whatever it was flight number that was showing on flightaware at first; they used N380HA, the registration number, maybe because they could not use it an area they don’t normally operate in?


they used “Sierra 7232” , the “Air Force” callsign is not used in South Africa. a few years ago when Bush was here they used the AF1 callsign…