upload photos

i can not put any photos on…

Try being more explicit.

Are you getting any error messages? If yes, then what do they say.

Are you uploading the correct type of pictures? I know JPG pictures are okay - not sure if you can upload TIFF or PNG or BMP types

Are you trying to upload pictures to the photo gallery or to the forum?

only jpg trying to upload to photo gallery.

there is no BROWSE BOX.

Do you have Shockwave Flash? What browser?

mozilla 4.0

Are you sure?

not sure how do i find out.

Click on help and look for something along the lines of “About…”. In my case, using Firefox I see About Mozilla Firefox.

my airport is eggc manchester airport england can i find if there any bizjets due in would FIIGHTWARE tell me when they are due in

Are you using Google Chrome?

Our coverage in the UK is currently mostly airliners with a few bizjets in the London area.


working now fwd A7-AFP A330 LANDING HOPE YOU LIKE.