Unusual high flyer last night.

My normal maximum range due to terrain is about 200 km. Last night something was tracked at 400+ km from both E and W horizons. That tells me it was very high … so what could it have been? Location was southern Yukon Canada and no doubt sweeping to or from Alaska, Alberta, Saskatchewan and beyond.

Anyone else track it? Thoughts?

Any details. time, Hex code, height, speed etc?
I see private jets at FL510+. Balloons in the FL500 range.

I wonder if some cubesats now use ads-b to aid in earth station tracking (so you don’t have to rely on having current orbital keps for tracking when the cubesat gets into a high drag environment).

Seems like they’re becoming more numerous. I find the easiest way to find them is to fire up flightradar24.com and add a filter to show only aircraft above, say, 50,000 feet. Click on one and you can see where it’s been. The Project Loon balloons tend to stay around 60000 feet because of the stable air there.