67,00 feet shown as height



Curious, fairly new to tracking and currently have a Pi Zero with an magnetic indoor aerial sitting on a tin can.

Just browsing my local map and one aricraft was shown at 67.000 feet.

Below is an image of the information box, appreciate any comments.




the U-2 flies that altitude but would be surprising it uses ADS-B :smirk:


The 000000 ICAO hex code indicates this is probably bad data that was not decoded correctly.


OK, thanks. Thought it was damned high.



Perhaps the Russians clamped a Raspberry Pi to it :grin:



Could have been a Google project Loon balloon you may have tracked. That altitude is in their range.


Blimey, never heard of that but now see experimental internet project.

Would they have one of those signally gizmos (Scientific expression) on board?



When they started project Loon they were able to stay afloat for about a month or so. I think they are up to about 6 months or so. And their final aim is to be about a year.

Google produced some video that explain the project here. They aren’t the normal high atmosphere balloons.

Facebook has a similar project that uses carbon fiber solar powered gliders type thing. Project Aquila.


I tracked 3 loon balloons last weekend heading over Colorado and they all seemed to be roughly around 54,000 feet. I spotted one with binoculars directly above my house. My wife was not impressed.


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Interesting, IT is a fascinating subject.