Unknown Winds????


Does anyone know how to find unknown winds? I am about to take my commercial FAA test and I cannot remember how to find the winds.


Is this a trick question? If the winds are unknown, how can you know them? :question:


You mean if I know my TAS, GS, course and heading what are the winds at this moment?
That should be in your E6B handbook. I guess they still teach that.
I just look at the INS wind readout.

John in Saudi


Wow. Pulling out my E6B and dusting it off…




When finding unknown winds you are given TAS, GS, heading and true coarse. My problem is that I need to know this stuff for my commercial FAA and I can’t remember, even though i was just taught, the steps to find wind speed and direction.


So why don’t you pull out some study books like your FAA Commercial Written and review?


Because it’s easier to get someone else to do it.

When I saw this post I actually pulled out my E6B (ya really I did) and figured it out in :30 min :blush: and only after reading the directions. I was going to post how I did it but was miffed that I couldn’t remember on my own.


I did pull out books but I can’t find where it would be. I looked in all my school textbooks and online but couldn’t come up with a way to help me remember the steps. I am better at doing something when someone explains it to me instead of reading it from a page in a textbook. Also I lost my E6B manual so I can’t refer to that. I was just looking for a trick that someone might have to help remember the steps to finding the winds. I’m not looking for anyone else to do anything for me, just a little help thats all.