Any Way to find WINDS for say Aleutian Islands to Japan?


Nephew is in USN and heading to Japan for Duty with family. After we dropped them off I followed their flight
from Seattle to Yokota AB. Around the Aleutian island their speed dropped from 460 to 380 then 340 then 310 and
the forecast 10:20 flight became 11:30 or so?

Did they hit a massive head wind or wonder what else. I doubt Atlas would say if they had mechanical issues.


Alaska Winds Aloft text…

High Level SiG WX chart for that part of the planet

(You need to click on the section of the chart way up near Alaska for the Pacific section to expand for detail…there is no separate link for the page that I can find)

About 120kt jet stream around FL340 from roughly Japan to AK…but that doesn’t seem massively unusual…


Yep, big low out there right now. Breezy for sure, but nothing too unusual.


Thanks that looks like what they hit.