United Airlines 767's

In 2014 i flew on united airlines to Newark from Heathrow and the plane i went on had the registration n648ua i have been checking it recently on here and it appears to fly like once every two week and the other 767’s that i know of that United airlines has are flying daily does anyone know why ? I have been doing a bit of research as a hobby over the past couple of day but have found no answers.


Has been in Miami since March 13. Flew to IAD today. Would assume it was in for maintenance. Prior to the 13th, it flew nearly everyday from August 4th till the 13th.

Thanks for the info
I laughed just after i posted this i went to check it again and saw that it was flying.

UA has many 763 in mx for the 3class->2class conversion.

See the 763 tab on sites.google.com/site/unitedfle … t-tracking

Thanks for the website link really helpful :smiley: