Unable to retract "landing gear at"Take-off"

:smiley: Attn: Airline Pilots.Have any one of you ATPs ever embark on a flight.Were you were cleared for takeoff.Being unable to retract the landing gear.Because,ground crew forgot>"to pull out the pin(s)?

I’m not a pilot, much less an ATP, but isn’t the pin something the PIC, responsible for making sure is pulled? When I was a flight dispatcher in an aviation unit in the National Guard the ground personnel were required to show that the pin was pulled by showing it to the pilot in the cockpit.


I saw it happen once on a 757, yes it is the PIC’s responsibility but he can’t get out of the seat to check the pins after pushback. On the other hand one if not both of them should get a signal and a showing of the pin from the ground crew.