Two Flights Reported as One


Before it disappears:

I was PIC on 4 flights last night including the above track.
Right now the system shows N77RE to be in KBNW when it’s really at 3SQ.

What appears to have happened is that my IFR from 3VS -> KBNW was combined with my flight from KBNW -> 3SQ.

I air-cancelled with DSM approach at KBNW and air-opened with DSM approach off of KBNW back to 3SQ.

It appears that the system never received the close or open on these two flight plans, and combined them as one flight…



Hi there,

I think the problem (from another user’s perspective; I’m not on the FA staff) is FA didn’t receive the activation of your second FP. If you look, the departure time is in italics, indicating that’s your ETD and not actual departure time. As such, FA merged it with the previous flight on the tracking but still showed you arrived at KBNW at 9:26 PST and at 3SQ at 11:05 PST.


16-Dec-2005 C210/I St Charles [3SQ] Louisville Int’l Standiford Field [KSDF] 10:58PM CST 01:19AM EST (+1) En Route
15-Dec-2005 C210/I Boone Municipal [KBNW] St Charles [3SQ] 11:30PM CST 01:05AM CST 1:35
16-Dec-2005 C210/I [3VS] Boone Municipal [KBNW] 03:51AM GMT 11:26PM CST (-1) 1:35

I’m not quite sure I understand your question/comment. Which of those three entries, if any, is incorrect? The departure time for the second is in italics because we never received a departure message (only a flight plan and arrival or cancellation message).


I think we are looking at two different things; perhaps on different dates. On the date/time of my post, it showed N77RE to be in BNW when, in fact, it landed at 3SQ. It shows N77RE flight to be from 3VS->BNW. The track log of N77RE (at the date/time of my post) shows the flight track of 3VS->BNW->3SQ. Both flights were IFR and opened/cancelled in the air each time.

Also, if you look (now) at the track log of N7235F - that was my flight last night back to 3SQ. Note the entry at “5000’” – this, again, is the exact time I requested “pilot descretion to 5000”. This occured with N77RE’s flight from BNW->3SQ (the PD-5000 and it shows 5000’ altitude at the same time I requested the PD). I’m suggesting that, perhaps, there is a data record coded for an ~authorized~ altitude change, rather than actual altitude. I don’t know how your data comes in, but if there are record types you might want to check and see since this occured on two different flights, two different planes and two different days.

Thanks - Greg



I copied and pasted the above from the Activity Log as soon as I saw your post. Your original post was on the 16th talking about “last night” so those two flights on the evening of the 15th should be the flights you were refering to.

I’ll look into this as a new bug, but I have a strong feeling it’s a form of the known other-radar-site-reports-at-cruise-while-climibing-or-descending bug.