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Two days of server problems?

Since Sunday morning Pacific time ( UTC −07:00) I’ve been encountering numerous server connection problems to FA servers. Lost all data for a couple hours Sunday, then sporadic partial data ever since, now more server problems.

I confirmed that during the worst of it I’m not able to load the FA stats pages from my mobile phone 4G connection either. So nothing to do with my local ISP network. I noticed a number of other big services are having outage reports this morning, so perhaps a problem with an FA service provider?

Anyway, here are some logs from the past couple days ( UTC −07:00)…


There are outage announcements available on Twitter @flightawareops. We’ll have more details available published there in the future. Thanks.

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Oh, thanks for the link!

This wouldn’t happen to be related to ethernet ports going down?

My feeder went offline yesterday afternoon… didn’t email me until 7 am this morning… 14 hours since downlink.

This ruined a 585 day streak… I’m supposed to be notified 6 hours on downlink…

I like to think my feeder is rather important… by volume… at 600k positions/day … down from nearly 1 million pre-covid.

The streak is based on the UTC/GMT day. As long as you sent information during the UTC/GMT day and it was recorded, your streak should be fine. I think you have until 23:59 UTC tonight to send some traffic.

Maybe the issue affected the servers that monitor for downtime or the servers that send the downtime email.

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Crossing my fingers hoping for the best!

Feeder is back online. I might have had a power supply issue at the same time; definitely was “wonky” - changed power supply and all is well again.

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