Trying To Set Up At Work

I am trying to set this up at the school where I teach. I have gone into the code where you are suppose to change the name of the ssid and the password and I have put in the name of the wireless that I and the kids can log into and the password that I use as a teacher. It is not showing up. I am not sure what to do. Any ideas?

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The SSID and password refers to the wifi setting is step 3 of the build.

The SSH login and password is for remote logging into the box

The default ssh login is


The default ssh password is


The password for your wifi is different from the password to log into the box.

How are you connecting to the box?
Through a webpage, through SSH (terminal or putty), the ADSB stats page.

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Hi I am a Network Admin for a school district. Does your schools wireless require a captive portal to log into before using the wireless? In our schools, we have a wireless network for our school devices that do not require this. But we do require it for personal devices like teacher phones and laptops etc. I am not sure how you would handle that with connecting the piaware to a network that requires loging into a captive portal for internet access.

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I decided to set this up at home and have it working. Guess there were too many hoops to jump through at work. Problem is I am never on a computer at home. Would have enjoyed it a lot more at work.

I have been accessing my Pi either by port forwarding but probably would be easier for you if you use something like Chrome Remote desktop into your home computer if it is a windows box and just view your skyview from the browser on you home computer.

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