Trying to get schedules for a week

I`m trying to get all DAL flight schedules for a 7 day period using AirlineFlightSchedules.

Thats the URL i got but it just times out and returns nothing: … howMany=15

using the same URL but adding either a &flightno= or search for specific departure and destination works fine but that doesnt help me as i need all scheduled DAL flights for a week and not only a specific flight number or for a specific route.

What am i doing wrong here?

I am still having this problem! No ideas what i have wrong there?

It seems to work fine for me with this URL for flights starting from today: … howMany=15

hm thats really strange i just tried your link and it still times out for me. It takes about 5 minutes and then a screen comes up telling me that the server is unavailable. I have attached a screenshot of it here:

as soon as i add a dep and arrival airport to the exact same query it works as it should.

It is likely timing out due to the time it takes to complete the query. Requesting one day at a time for such a large flight list might be a better solution for you.

Thanks i will try that.