Execution of the requests AirlineFlightSchedules in XML3 takes really long time


I try to get data from AirlineFlightSchedules for the present week and use input like this


Start day Monday of the present week, the end date is the Sunday. Returning of data from AirlineFlightSchedules takes a very long time. It takes 3-4 minutes to return every 150 records.

Take into account that for the week Airline Flight Schedules consists ~ 15 000 records it will take approximately 6 hours to get all data.

Could you please recommend how to speed up this process?


Guys, do you have any suggestions?


It is recommended that you query schedules only for the airlines or airports that you specifically need at that moment, rather than all flights without any restrictions. This is a very CPU and data-intensive operation for us on the backend as well, so it cannot be easily accelerated.