Triple abort at ANC on 10/16/2014 - Delta


Are there any records kept online about aborted commercial landings? I received an errant email about this triple abort on ANC. Sounds pretty unusual. TIA.


Please share your errant email, and maybe someone might be able to help.


"Hey Jack,

I am trying to gather some information regarding the triple abort in ANC on the 16th. Can you give me a call when you have a chance: "

[Name Omitted]
Chief Line Check Pilot

B-757/767 Pilot Standards


I doubt there would be an official “count” or record of a go around. There was a couple of hours of low clouds, but nothing substantial.

I’m sure a pilot standards type could call the tower or the airport authority and get some decent answers on what happened if he asks nicely.


I assume the “aborts” were Rejected Take-Offs. And yes, three are unusual… after the second abort most passengers would rather take Greyhound than try attempt #3.

Most likely they were getting suspected false warning indications on the take-off roll and tried troubleshooting twice before giving up.


Took three tries for a Republic crew to land a an E-175 I was on a couple of years back in ALB. Wicked wicked crosswind. Said we were going to SYR if we didn’t make it down on number three


I was on the #1 UA 777 ORD-DEN about a week after it entered service … took the runway, accelerated to maybe 100 kts, decelerated, taxied back to the penalty box for 5-10 min for troubleshooting; took the runway, accelerated, decelerated, taxied back to the gate; mechanics changed out a box and we then had an uneventful flight after about a 1+30 total delay