Transitioning Canadian Airspace


I am planning a flight from the Virginia area direct to northern Wisconsin. The route will require a transition through Canadian airspace. My understanding is since I am not landing in Canada, and am only performing an “overflight” there, there is no requirement other than being IFR for the duration of the transition. Although not required, it may be wise to bring passports in the event of a forced landing.

Thanks to socialism I understand there may be “taxes” on the airways up there? Is there anything I may be overlooking?




Why not flight plan around it? Isnt that much of a diff if you dip south


This doesn’t make sense… even from the easternmost point in Virginia the most direct flight doesn’t cross into Canadian airspace. I’ll use KORF for my base.

A good route would be ORF HPW142/57 HPW V260 RIC V38 FWA V277 ELX V55 PMM V177 BAE

This would get you from Norfolk, VA to Milwaukee. Unless you’re going well north before cutting west (read: Sault St. Marie), every other low Enroute airway will keep you well within the US ADIZ.



Not true, a route of DIRECT from KDCA to KARV would cross into Canadian airspace.

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not really… KARV 70nm east of KSAW, and 100nm South of KCMX, and KCMX is 40nm south of the ADIZ. Unless you are deciding to fly over Lakes Erie and Ontario, you won’t touch any part of Canadian airspace. The closest you’d get would be Toledo.

Simple route from KDCA:


none of that touches Canadian airspace, and all low enroute.



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As far as I know, there is absolutely no taxes on airways in canada. You don’t have to be IFR for the portion over canada, vfr flight following will do the job, the controller will pass you over to the appropiate canadian center. Bringing passeports in case of a forced landing is a good idea though!

Hope that helps.
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I’m pretty certain the responder was referring to Nav Canada fees when he mentioned taxes.


Check your flight path again! If I fly DIRECT the flight WILL take me through Canadian airspace. The route you have selected above is not direct. Put it into and see for yourself.

Here is a new link to the image I posted which clearly shows the route will transition Canadian airspace. I hope you don’t do flight planning for hire!!


Thanks for the help everyone! Sounds like it shouldn’t be much different than flying through Class E here in the states since I’m not landing in Canada.


Okay I get it, then again NavCanada fees are airport related…You must land at an airport that charges those fees. Example: cyhu


I stand corrected. A DIRECT flight will take you through Canadian airspace. But I also ask you this.

Your direct flight will take you through 3 sets of Class B airspace. Do you expect to be given a straight through clearance on your same heading, not knowing the arrival and departure corridors of the main airports in that Class B? You’re looking at KPIT, KCLE, and KDTW. I’ll bet that you’ll get vectored around it them, and more than likely west of the airports before being put back on your on course heading, putting you still back in US airspace by the time you hit Lake Erie.

Another thing you should take into consideration is your altitude. Around KCLE and KDTW are some transition routes set up by LOA between ZOB and CZYZ for specific altitudes. If you’re going to fly direct, you won’t have to worry about the airspace at all, as some is more than likely carved out by that LOA. So this may be a non-issue.