TransAtlantic flights?

I’m researching the history of Atlantic flights. Can anyone tell me the total number of airline flights E-W and W-E each day between North America and Europe? Destinations include the U.S. and Canada and all European countries as far as Russia. Any help would be much appreciated.

Proper “research” doesn’t include asking others to perform your searches or posit usable data.

You could have told Paciano about several great new inventions that just came out in the past few days that could help with his research. They are called Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Oh, and I heard that there are other inventions like them that help one find stuff on the Internet.

Wow David. Those ARE useful websites, wish I had known of them.

Glad I could be of help. I just discovered them and felt the need to evangelize the world about them.

Careful boys. Bringing up such things can have you labeled as divisive, a malcontent or just generally mean and unhelpful. :slight_smile:. You’re not supposed to teach them to fish. Just catch it, clean it, cook it, serve it and feed it to them.

Wow, this website is incredibly informative and cordial! And none of the silliness and bickering one so often finds on the interwebs. :smiley:

We aim to please.

I should have know better than to post a question on this forum. From what I observe, every flying issue brings forth a swarm of smart-arse stick jockeys who pontificate - often on the basis of their outdated military experience - solely to see their name or nom de plume in print. 90% of the comments on 95% of the forum topics are trivial, uninformed and often sneering. As in this case.
Typical was the assumption that I had not exhausted other search avenues, and that I was merely looking for a cheap leg-up. Well, the good manners that normally apply to forum conduct (but not to this one) demands that if you don’t have a anything constructive to say - shut up!
I apologise for assuming that an organisation that boasts Live Flight Tracking might have a statistical database which could help me. I did not expect, or ask individual forum members to do the counting for me.
FWIW,to those who couldn’t answer but could not resist the temptation to sneer, the best figures available are just over 1100 per day in 2005, but probably estimated at 600 to 800 now due to the financial downturn and the use of larger aircraft. Despite this setback, I am still hoping there is an authority which measures the traffic reliably. The question is still open for sensible answers.

Glad we didn’t let you down. We aim to please.

For the record, you didn’t ask for a source or a reference you could use to determine the data you required, you asked the Forum members to tell you the answer to your query.

Absent some background info in your original request, we assumed the question came from some 14YO kid and responded accordingly. Not that we’ve seen anything yet from you to change our original opinion.

As if any of those reasons excuse the bad manners and competitive desire to post derisory remarks. You have outed yourselves magnificently!

Why sure they are. As to being outed… never knew I was in in the closet… JHEM? Dave?

I am Dave and I am a derisoryoholic.

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In context of flight tracker I noticed a strange route deviation shown for flight american Airline flight 63 from Paris to Miami on 14th Sept.
Nearly one hour into flight the route diverted SUBSTANTIALLY southward toward Portugal like a spike and back, like sharp left turn and almost a U turn to get back on the filed route !
Will any one help to understand ?

At the bottom of the map is

At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s primary service area. Learn more about FlightAware’s coverage

Please go to the About FlightAware link on the left to find the FAQ’s. Look for the topic about international flights handling.

Just one anomalous reading: Garbage In Garbage Out.
Just like when the needle would slip on a 33 LP. SCRITCH!!!

Aha !
Got it . loud and clear.
ThanX .