Tracking via Registration

Prior to the newest “update” I was able to see the flight history of an [airline’s] aircraft registration. I was able to type a registration in and see the history of that tail number up to however many days/weeks/months that was allowed [if it was tracked of course]. For example back in January I could type in N3766 and receive the following history:

31-Dec-2014 B738/L Los Angeles Intl (KLAX) Salt Lake City Intl (KSLC)
31-Dec-2014 B738/L Salt Lake City Intl (KSLC) Los Angeles Intl (KLAX)
31-Dec-2014 B738/L N Kentucky Intl (KCVG) Salt Lake City Intl (KSLC)
30-Dec-2014 B738/L Seattle-Tacoma Intl (KSEA) N Kentucky Intl (KCVG)
30-Dec-2014 B738/L John F Kennedy Intl (KJFK) Seattle-Tacoma Intl (KSEA)
30-Dec-2014 B738/L Port-au-Prince Intl (MTPP / PAP) John F Kennedy Intl (KJFK)
30-Dec-2014 B738/L John F Kennedy Intl (KJFK) Port-au-Prince Intl (MTPP / PAP)
29-Dec-2014 B738/L Seattle-Tacoma Intl (KSEA) John F Kennedy Intl (KJFK)
29-Dec-2014 B738/L Detroit Metro Wayne Co (KDTW) Seattle-Tacoma Intl (KSEA)
29-Dec-2014 B738/L Los Angeles Intl (KLAX) Detroit Metro Wayne Co (KDTW)
29-Dec-2014 B738/L Port Columbus Intl (KCMH) Los Angeles Intl (KLAX)
28-Dec-2014 B738/L Los Angeles Intl (KLAX) Port Columbus Intl (KCMH)
28-Dec-2014 B738 Cancun Int’l (MMUN / CUN) Los Angeles Intl (KLAX)
28-Dec-2014 B738/L Hartsfield-Jackson Intl (KATL) Cancun Int’l (MMUN / CUN)
28-Dec-2014 B738/L Simon Bolivar Int’l (Maiquetia Int’l) (SVMI / CCS) Hartsfield-Jackson Intl (KATL)

Now today if I wanted to see the history on N3766, I type that tail in (2115z 1-June-15) and get the page, and flight history for DAL487 (KJFK-MDSD). However this is not what I am interested in, I am interested in the history of this aircraft for the past few days.

I was wondering where did this wonderful feature disappear to?

I am able to see the history for the aircraft and not the flight number, although it does provide the flight number beside the tail number. Would you be able to paste the flights you see from

Ohh wow, I learned something new. Chock it up to user error. I have to wait a second until the drop down appears, and select the aircraft in the drop down, instead of typing the registration and pressing “enter”. I guess I was used to the old site, where it was plug and play. Sweet thanks!