Tracking Mexican aircraft in US airspace


How can I track an aircraft with Mexican reg. If I enter the tail # it always says not found. I was looking at one at my airport today (A Challanger 601-3A) and was curious about the flight. No info. on Flight Aware. It doesn’t even show up on airport arrivals. Obviously it was an IFR flight.
What am I doing wrong?
The tail # is XA-RZD


Foreign registered aircraft are unfortunately not available for tracking by default. You can contact us if you need us to request tracking on an individual aircraft, although we’ll need advance notice to request the data from the FAA.

Sorry for the bad news.


What’s with planes like Trump’s then?


I think my original answer should resolve that question too.


So his plane is not tracked by default, but is specifically tracked on purpose? :question:


I used the link above to request the information on the aircraft. XA-RZD