Tracking inaccuracy?


i understand that police and military flights dont show up… but… ive noticed gobs of flights going over my home that do not show up on the radar. commercial jets dont show up a lot of times.

is tracking real time? if so why arent these jets showing on tracking radar?
do i need a tracker box outside my house to ‘see’ these? does it only show plane data in areas where someone has a live tracker box?



If you are using your own receiver, yes.

A description of your setup would be helpful, but there are a few things to check:

  1. What kind of antenna are you using?
  2. Where is the antenna located?
  3. Is the receiver input overloaded?


The app and website provide tracking almost realtime. Within a minute, often within 10-15 seconds.
A piware provides pretty close to realtime. Within a few seconds.

There are a number of possibilities.
Some aircraft positions are suppressed at the request of the owner/operator.
Military flights can turn their civil transponders on and off for security reasons.
Some airspace don’t require a transponder to be on. Some aircraft don’t have transponders.

What is your location? That may help with the answer.

A few have older transponders that don’t provide exact location information.
If you are using flightware, you can turn on position only flights. It is in your account in section 6