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Tracking a flight you are on?

Anyone ever tracked a flight that they were actually on, from their own receiver?

I’m on Delta 1074 right now, about 120 miles south of my house, and had to jump online to grab a screenshot!

:grin: It’s the little things… :grin:

Edit: according to the map info, we passed within 1.6 miles of my house!

Edit 2: lost the track 76 miles away from the house, as we dropped below 13,000 feet descending into SEA. I’ll have to check out HWT when I get home to see if I that makes sense with my location & config.

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I haven’t been dumb brave enough to take a flight since I first set up my station at the end of January. Normally I fly about every 4 to 6 weeks. I did track on my station relatives flying in around early Feb though, while I waited in the airport cell phone parking lot to pick them up.

(No I don’t think you are dumb for flying, you gotta do what you gotta do). :grinning:

My travel has (obviously) been way down this year, but I am considered an “essential worker” because I teach printing shops and sign shops how to make the kinds of signage that there is a huge demand for now - floor graphics, directional signage, window clings, even PPE face shields.

I normally fly ~150k miles per year, on ~130 or so individual flights. This year I am only at about 40% of that. Next year might return to very close to normal for me though. I already have trips to Oklahoma City, Denver, and Sacramento booked for January.

I’ve run a receiver into my laptop while on board a plane if that’s what you mean.

That would be cool too, but no - I was on a commercial flight that more or less flew over my house yesterday, and was able to access my FlightAware page using the in-flight Wi-Fi and watch myself go by.

When you run it from inside the plane, do you pick up other aircraft too? Or just the one you are on?

It depends what aircraft you are on.
The 787 is a pretty good Faraday cage and little ADS-b and no GPS gets in.
Something older with uncoated glass windows works well.

Of course, a ground independent antenna would help rather than the PoS mag-base I was using. Ever looked for something to stick a magnet to in a modern aircraft!

Aaha… I see the good old ADSBScope on your laptop screen.
It does ot require internet to download map tiles :smile:

Well spotted.

(20 chr)

ADSBScope is the natural selection if there is no on-board WiFi.
Unlike dump1090, it does not require internet to display map.

Which decoder you used? RTL1090 is my guess.

Not live, no. If I want to know where I am when I’m on a plane, I look out of the window :smiley:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I was using ModeSDeco2

…but it wont display map without on board WiFi, so you used ADSBScope for map.

Automated Installation of ModeSMixer2 & ModeSDeco2 on RPi