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Track log time increments for a specific flight


hello FA staff or others. the current track log time increment is about 1 minute. is it possible to get track log data in smaller increments for a specific flight. my son was on N794AJ (the zero g airplane on 16 nov 2018). he was doing research and i wanted to plot their parabolas but it seems that 1 minute increments don’t show all of the cycles the aircraft actually performs.


hello FA staff, any comments re modifying the track log time increment on the specific flight noted in my original post? (i know you are busy)


Higher frequency data may be available (depending on coverage of the particular flight) but is not available to the public on the web site. If you need data for commercial purposes you can contact our data reports team. https://flightaware.com/commercial/customreports


thank you. this is certainly not for commercial purposes but i will contact and see what is available