I am using FlightXML 2 and having issues while using AiportInfo(AirportCode).

I am getting data in the AirportInfoStruct but the timezone property has value ‘:America/New_York’ which is not helping me.

Any code sample using timezone would help.



What language are you coding in? Virtually every language should support that style of time zone.

tcl example:

% set time [clock seconds]
% clock format $time -timezone :America/New_York 
Fri Apr 27 09:39:08 EDT 2012
% clock format $time -timezone :Europe/London
Fri Apr 27 14:39:08 BST 2012


I am using VB.Net as a programming language.
Can you please help me out with example in the same language.
I didn’ t get what you were explaining in the above example.



Does this answer your question:

codeproject.com/Articles/100 … m-DateTime


You will probably want to use zoneinfo.codeplex.com/ for .NET projects that need to translate timezones.


I am doing a maintenance project and facing issues with the timezone.

Before switching to FlightXML 2, the code in vb.net was written for FlightXML 1

Now when I query flighaware, I get the timezone in ‘:America/New_York’ format which is supposed to be Oslon format.
I have converted it from Oslon to Windows format i.e understood by .Net application.

I just want to ask that if I query flightaware with FlightXML 1 API’s then what is the return value of timezone?
I mean if I query with airport code say ‘KPBI’ then what value does it return?



FlightXML1 users also receive the same timezone identifiers that are returned by FlightXML2. The AirportInfo functions in both versions of FlightXML share the same worldwide airport database.

Note that depending on your zoneinfo library, you may need to remove the prefixed colon (":") character from the timezone identifiers that are returned by AirportInfo.