THANK YOU! Re KLNS Altitude Question


Dear Sirs: I’m very, very grateful for your help regarding my question yesterday, having seen and counted the bolts on the belly of Bush’s C-32 yesterday! My son is a novice pilot and my godson flies for JetBlue; however, no one was available. Besides, although I am not a pilot, as my email denotes, I love learning daily. I’d already looked through the plates, and ass-umed an answer. Y’all have confirmed that my house is 300-500 feet below incoming aircraft. Interestingly, most of the time I’m not bothered, but the hell i chopters, esp. from Indiantown Gap, drive me nuts because the house even vibrates. Thanks so very much to all of you for your time, efforts and input. Now, quit squabbling :slight_smile: Most sincerely, Basha


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