Text alerts

Used to get text alerts when flight plans where filed from an airport and when certain N numbers filed a plan. Got an apple phone and no longer get this. Any help?? Thanks

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I see you have an alert for a tail set up in your account and we successfully sent that alert. Do you need assistance in setting up the alert for the airport? You should be able to set it up without an issue. Let me know if you need assistance in setting up the airport alert, I am happy to help. I will simply need what you would like to be alerted on.

I have gotten alerts for the N# aircraft that you saw but only via email. Can i get these as a text? The airport id like to get via text alerts for is KBJI. Thanks

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Do you want text alerts or push notifications? I do not see that you have a mobile email set up in your account. If that is not set up, you will not receive text alerts.

I would like text alerts. I couldn’t seem to find how to set it up.

Go to your account (https://flightaware.com/account/manage) and update the the mobile E-mail address. You will need to also update your alerts if they are not currently set up to send to your mobile email address.

I got it figured out now. Thanks for the help.