Tail wind?


When looking at the live map does the indicated speed show actual? I ask because there is a cessna 172 going 135 knots. There is a 7 mph tail wind but I wasn’t sure if this factors into the indicated speed. Tail number is N737QX.


As shown in the “Questions/Answers” link in the top right hand cordner of every page:

What do the numbers mean below a flight? For example, what does, “340 446” mean? (
The two numbers below a flight are the altitude (in hundreds of feet) and the ground speed (in knots), respectively. An up or down arrow next to the altitude indicates that the flight is climbing or descending, respectively. For example, “333^ 446” means the flight is climbing through approximately 33,330ft at 446kts. The data is displayed in this format because it similar to ATC (air traffic control) displays and familiar to many people.

I recommend reading the questions/answers if you haven’t yet. It will answer many of your questions. Also, scan through this forum for other tidbits about FlightAware.


If you’re looking at the radar track that is ground speed, which basically is Indicated airspeed (close to True AirSpeed in a C172) +/- Wind.

I think that’s what you were asking.


That’s not a high groundspeed for a 172. Many 172’s have engine mods/upgrades, etc…


True. At first glance and not knowing if the airplane had the enhancements it appears fast.

Yes, thats what I was curious about. They were only at 5,000 ft at the time so it would be very close.

Thanks every one.