tail / reg numbers



I have uploaded pics of NZ7572. Z7002 and NZ1993 and put the correct tail numbers down, but they are now showing as ANZ7572 etc etc.

I am unable to alter them on the pic…

How can I do this ???


Assuming that “NZ7572” is the New Zealand Air Force 757-2K2, FlightAware isn’t going to recognize the registration number correctly.

The goal is to match photos up with trackable flights, and military flights aren’t trackable.

If you enter digits (only) into the field, the system will assume it’s a U.S. aircraft and automatically add an “N” in front of it.

If you enter two or more letters (as you did), the system assumes that you are trying to enter an airline code - and converts it to the 3-letter code. Thus, “NZ” becomes “ANZ” flight #7572 (which is a B737 between BNE and MEL)