Supporting receivers?

Hello,I am still very new at this mode.I am curious what is meant by : Supported / Enabled (synchronized with 53 nearby receivers) ?
Is my feeder connected to these via the internet ? And are we all sending information to FA ? Sorry if this is a dumb question. THANKS in advance for any replies. Steve / N7DPX / Lakeside,AZ.

All those receivers are sending the same flights data to FA, data used for MLAT positioning:

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There is no connection between your receiver and theirs. What it means is that some/most/all planes you see, are also being seen by those other receivers with the same time stamp, therefore in sync. Using the known location of those receivers, the position of the plane can be calculated by the FA software. FA then sends it back to those participating in the MLAT, and you can see the planes on the map, even though at one point they were positionless.

That’s my understanding in basic terms. Others more knowledgeable will jump in hopefully.

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THANKS.that makes sense to me…

The above responses are correct. You are not connected to any of the “neighbors.” Synchronization is done on the FlightAware servers.

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