Suggestion-DYI videos


I have a suggestion that may help a lot of new people new to the hobby that need help especially in set up.
Do it yourself videos. This would compliment the forums.



@glennblum Hi that a good Idea, but there are already a video on youtube on how to setup the flightaware. Do you mean other projects or tutorial?

Hi @abcd567 @ericcarlson do we have any option to upload video to the site or we have to link it to youtube?


We do not support video uploads. Please put it on YouTube and link it.


Nice idea, but creating those might be a hobby in its own right.


A hobby? It could easily be a job in its own right. :grin:

And by ‘job’, I mean in the bad sense of the word.:rofl:

I admire people who do that. Nicely produced video tutorials are tough to make.