Suggest decent LMR-400?

I didn’t get anything yet :frowning: Life intervened,stupid bills :frowning:

I will eventually though.

Just FYI, you can order custom length with connectors LMR400 or LMR240 authentic Times Microwave cable assemblies by MPD via Custom Coaxial Cables. Decent prices and delivered in a week or less.

Personally, for only 15 to 25 feet I think your ADS-B stats will look the same with LMR240 vs LMR400. That’s pretty short to worry about loss unless you have zero amplification.

OK well I just received my “Proxicast 25 ft SMA Male to N Male Premium 240 Series Low-Loss Coax Cable”, as linked to Amazon earlier by barrekj.

I’ve only had it running a few hours, but it was worth the change. My primary need was to get a longer cable to run from the antenna in my attic to a shelf in the garage where I will have the Raspberry Pi (3B+), so I wanted 25ft rather than the 10ft supplied with antenna.

Here are some of the improvements despite it being a longer run. I must also add that after doing this I noticed that it was more obvious that plugging the Flightaware SDR (blue one) straight into the Pi was adding interference/noise so I added in a 6in USB extension which reduced the noise to just below the weakest signal rather than being “intertwined”.

  • 15 NM increase in distance.
  • Mean Median ADS-B signal level -24.3 → -22.1 dBFS
  • Far fewer aircraft without positions. Only a few even with 100 on the screen. It could be 20 or 30 before.

I let it auto-set the Gain which it set to max (49.6). It took longer to do that though. Before it set it in a few steps. The down side is that my % Messages > -3dBFS is 9.2 up from 5.7
I might have to look at that once i get everything setup properly and in it’s final place.

I’ll let the system, as is, sit for a few days to see how it compares with the previous week before I make more adjustments.

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I wish I had the proper equipment to test these cables. Currently using LMR-400 I got from Aliexpress and I wonder how it compares to some more “legit” stuff. Its definitely better than the RG58 I was using before, I’m guessing its probably not worth getting some branded stuff for my use case.

Yes ultraflex is more suitable in this case.

I use LMR600, only because originally my LNA was at the bottom of the coax, rather than the antenna end.

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