STS-132, the last flight of Atlantis is scheduled to launch at 2:20 pm EDT today, should see quite a bit of activity from NASA aircraft:

KTTS activity (Shuttle landing Facility:

NASA fleet:

NASA TV, now showing live shots of Atlantis:

Live coverage: … ic=21594.0

The Shuttle training aircraft NASA 947 is flying weather detail around Merritt Island and the Cape:

Landing today, a P-3 Orion has taken off to image the orbiter as it streaks over the Caribbean at high MAch numbers, called HYTHIRM:

Atlantis has been given a go to return home for the lat time, watch here:

Awesome! Glad they’re down safe.

Heard the sonic boom, always a treat for the ears.

You’re in the right place if they land on 33, ain’t ya?

Yeah, first time I heard it I thought a plane crashed at Whitham. It shook my vehicle. Learned what it was later that day. Since then, I look forward to hearing them. Not many left though. :frowning: