Strange B727 Flight

last night a 727 came over rather low and after watching it a bit on here wanted to know if anyone knows what is this strange flight?

It departed El Paso went around White Sands Missile Range and landed at 10,000’ the whole time. Very strange. Any ideas?

More than likely a check flight after maintenance. Could also be a familiarization flight for new crew, isn’t there an FSI training center in El Paso? Or am I thinking of San Antonio?

El Paso is not one of their normal destinations.

No FSI at El Paso and why at 10k’?

There isn’t any speed restriction at and above 10,0000. They have wanted to get up to higher speeds but not necessarily needed a higher altitude. 10,000 also keeps them below the traffic that is traversing the area.

10000’ is also the lowest altitude that most companies will do “air work.”

Also San Antonio FSI doesn’t train 727’s. In fact FSI doens’t train 72’s anywhere. They may dry lease a sim to an airline but FSI doesn’t do the training.

You may want to try again Dami.

The above blanket stetement “there isn’t any speed restriction” is not entirely correct.

ATC can require speed restrictions for spacing and traffic flow. I have heard it first hand when I have been enroute, so this made me look it up for you.

Check out 4-4-11 in the Aeronautical Information Manual provided by the FAA (AIM). I can dumb it down for you and provide the link if you need it.


First of all, Allen, it is NOT “DUMB(ING) IT DOWN” to provide a link for someone. It’s call common courtesy. [mumbling under breath]Gee, what a crap head![/mumbling under breath]

Secondly, did I say “there is NEVER a speed restriction” or did I say “(t)here isn’t any speed restriction…”? There is a difference. It’s only logical that if ATC (air traffic CONTROL) is controlling traffic then they would have the authority to place a speed restriction on aircraft.

Oh really??? Sometimes your words do come back to haunt you…

Taken from … ht=dumbing

Providing a link for an expert like yourself, well, that’s dumbing it down. Can’t have the cake and eat it too…

Now, getting back on topic, never and is not (isn’t) are the same thing in regards to speed restrictions above. You made a blanket statement without any caveats.

So, this doesn’t become an all out flame war, out of respect to others this will be my only response to your post.


Obviously you had already looked up the site (“…look it up for you”) so why not copy-and-paste the link in your posting?

The forum posting you mentioned does not apply here. In that posting I was referring to data contained within FlightAware, not in an external site.

This isn’t a flame war - it’s a discussion.

“Can’t we all just get along?”

Yes, Rodney, we can all just get along. :slight_smile:

(For those not up on their history, that’s a reference to the original guy who said it. I’m not saying JHEM’s name is Rodney. That concludes today’s history lesson.)