Stats page: Nearby ADS-B Sites distance incorrect

On my stats page it shows my two nearest ADS-B Sites, but the distance is incorrect. It says 204 and 284 miles but in reality these sites are about 127 and 177 km (79 and 110 miles) away.

It looks like the distance in km has been multiplied by 1.6 instead of divided to arrive at the incorrect miles figure. For instance, 127*1.6=203 [incorrect]. It should be 127/1.6=79.


OK I believe this is fixed, going into production tomorrow.

Yes, showing correct now, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

OK, the numbers appear to be correct now and correspond to the account settings. However, the column header always shows Distance (miles). It should display what is selected in the account settings (km, miles or NM).