Southwest Airlines Confirms Passengers Are Not Superstitious


DALLAS, June 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) confirms that passengers are NOT avoiding travel today, Friday the 13th. Traditional superstitions are thrown out the door by many travelers looking for no fees and a low fare.

Initial reports tell us that passengers are not avoiding row 13 on our aircraft today, and the date has not stopped them from flying altogether. Bookings are strong and the price of gas proves to be much scarier than taking to the skies.

Along with exceptionally high online bookings, Southwest Airlines announces it will not charge a fee for throwing salt over one’s shoulder. However, the airline will still not allow black cats onboard its flights and is recommending that Customers wrap mirrors in bubble wrap to avoid breakage and seven years of bad luck.


This is what makes Southwest a fun airline. Can you imagine one of the stuff shirt (i.e. legacy) airlines putting out a press release like this?


I’ve never flown Southwest but they do remind me of Braniff and the good old days of flying; when it was fun.


Don’t forget PSA. In fact, according to “Poor Sailor’s Airlne” (a book on PSA), Southwest visited PSA when Southwest first started. Southwest even based their own operating manuals on PSA’s.


Guys like Tilton and Parker most likely spend too much time figuring out how to nickle and dime us and how to raise their enormous salaries. So, no, they wouldn’t put out a press release like this.