Too pretty to fly?


Lame news story about some unruly bimbos on SWA

Southwest response

editors note: The brunette wishes she was too pretty to fly! :stuck_out_tongue:


What, you expect to be able to dress pretty on a low cost airline. :laughing:

This however isn’t the first time this has happpened. What a stupid policy.


(emphasis below is mine)

Customers Questioned Due to Behavior, not Appearance, and Not Banned for Life
DALLAS, Feb. 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – Southwest Airlines would like to
set the record straight regarding a situation involving two female Customers,
Ms. Sarah Williams and Ms. Nisreen Swedberg, on Flight #3600 from Tampa Bay to
Los Angeles on February 14, 2008. During this flight, the Flight Crew and
several witnesses confirm that Ms. Williams and Ms. Swedberg’s unruly behavior
was touched off by an occupied lavatory. After banging on the door, Ms.
Williams and Ms. Swedberg became verbally abusive and threatening toward the
Customer who had been using the lavatory.
When Our Flight Crew addressed the situation with Ms. Williams and Ms.
Swedberg, the two Customers continued their threatening behavior and abusive
language. At this time, the Flight Crew requested that local police meet the
flight upon its arrival in Los Angeles. The police questioned several
witnesses, as well as Ms. Williams and Ms. Swedberg, who were later released.
Contrary to reports, we did not ban these Customers from flying Southwest

Our Employees must maintain a Safe and comfortable environment onboard the
aircraft at all times. **Despite some news reports, this story has nothing to
do with Ms. Swedberg and Ms. Williams’ appearance, but rather, their use of
what other Passengers tell us was profanity and threatening behavior onboard
one of our flights. **Finally, we would have gone out of business a long time
ago if we discriminated against beautiful women – or anyone else for that
matter. We carry almost 100 million Customers a year, and they are all
beautiful in our eyes.

The stupid policy is not with Southwest but with anyone who believes the news media and its sensationalism.


I still hate it when I agree with Dami…though I did consider flying that flight just for the fun of it…


These fine upstanding young women (ok, bimbos) need to get over themselves. They aren’t even that good looking, however, the SWA spokeslady …

I’ll give them credit for one thing, they did manage to get their five minutes of fame.


Helluva fine play by SWA, ftw. :wink: