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Soft Spectrum Analyzer for Windows

Hi @abcd567,

There is a new soft spectrum analyzer that can be used with an RTL-SDR type stick. There are others, but this one is the best so far in my opinion. Give it a try.


Thanks @Dxista for sharing the info and link. Will give it a try this weekend.

I couldn’t get it to work on Windows 10. I couldn’t find the settings app that was in the documentation. Windows 10 settings app doesn’t work. Additionally, it took much looking to find satsagen. It is installed as albfer. Go figure. :frowning:

Did you try right clicking anywhere on the program window?

I tried that. No joy.







My screen doesn’t have all the items that are on yours. There are no scroll bars.


Exactly! It is in albfer.com. I expected it to be visible in the Start Menu and not in a sub directory.

Increase WIDTH (grab right or left border with mouse and drag). The ToolBar button will appear. Then click the ToolBar button and the lower bar with Settings Button will appear.


Youtube Video uploaded by: Alberto Ferraris