Nasa’s infra-red observatory at 40,000 feet. Flying every other night in a Jumbo near you.

Somewhere hidden in these posts, we have another FA member that is a NASA employee that works on this project. I’ve searched and can’t find the thread/his screenname, but if I find it, I’ll post the link.

Edit: found it - I thought I was losing my mind: … highlight=

Cheers. I searched for “Sofia” before posting but nothing turned up. Anyway, thought the video at the link above gave some interesting “insight” into the way the craft is set up. Roomy is an understatement!

I hope you/re not relying solely on that as proof of your sanity! :stuck_out_tongue:

During October of 2006 I was training on a new aircraft at KCNW. The SOFIA 747SP airframe was being modified there by L-3. While conducting my training I would see activity around the aircraft, and on occasion share the pattern with project airplane. HERE is more info regarding L-3’s role in the SOFIA project.

Wait - no, the trees in my yard tell me I’m sane all the time too! :laughing:

Ah, that’s a relief. Always good to have a professional verification.

Hey, are you saying that trees DON’T talk??
EDIT: Maybe it is the tree troll that talks:
EDIT TO KEEP ON TOPIC: That’s interesting that they thought to put a telescope in a 747.

Well half of the replies are on topic - that’s a small victory, I suppose.

We all know they don’t listen:

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