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Skyview secure login

Hi all

Is it possible to securely login to my Raspberry Pi running Piaware Skyview via the web interface i.e. Dump1090fa on port 8080?

Any advice appreciated.


Are you saying you want a password on the local SkyView website basically?

For that you could google “htpasswd lighttpd”.

That of course isn’t really secure as someone on the local network (of the visitor or Raspberry pi) could be listening to the traffic and as the website isn’t https can just listen to the password.

But to prevent public access htpasswd is not a bad solution.

lighttpd will do https if you configure it to, too.

(the catchall answer here is “you can do whatever lighttpd or a webserver of your choice lets you do” - the skyview data files are just served off the filesystem, no particular magic other than they’re frequently updated)