Skyview Drawings


At noon approximate 2hours NATO 01 draws circles in the sky.

I like to see your observations.


It is a standard holding pattern.
IFR pilots do them all of the time.

The military would probably use it if they wanted to loiter at or monitor a particular location.


Some time ago they were making perfect circles for a couple of ours directly overhead my location.

The type in skyview even says E3TF (

So that’s what one of these planes does, they are airborn radar.


It was bound to happen. You setup your own ADS-B station, and this is the result. They send NATO after you.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


NATO AWACS (c/s NATO01) used the so-called NG4-Orbit.
Look at ENR 6 Charts, page 8 (E-3A Orbit Areas).
On page 7 you’ll find the AARs (Air Refuelling Anchors); AAR “ANGIE” is located in the same area as NG4.
==> ENR 6


THX Infomb !!