Skyview basemap


Just within the past few days, the basemap for my Skyview (watching my local piaware feed)
will be there, then when I have left and came back to this window, the base map is missing.
The weather layer is there.
If I refresh the page, the basemap comes back.

I don’t know how the system works, but seeing how my coverage area never changes, other than zooming in or out, I don’t see why this layer can’t be saved locally? Maybe there is an issue in the rendering priority or ?

Like I said, this is a ‘new’ behavior since I started.

Edited to add:
Using Google Chrome on Linux


Skview maps use OpenStreetMaps. The Maps have a terms of service.

Maybe you reach some time limit? How long does the the base layer take to go away?
or maybe you can try on another webbrowser?


the problem doesn’t occur in Firefox.

and like I already mentioned. I can see the map, leave the tab and come back and the map is missing, the time away is irrelevant. one second, hour, next day. same.

and again, this is “new” behavior. for skyview.

has a there been a change to the code recently?


There has been no changes to dump1090 since last year (which runs the sky view maps).

Maybe try to update chrome?
Maybe try viewing the map on another local computer that runs chrome?