Site for 2012 Cancellation Data


I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to find out the reason an airline cancelled their flight in October of 2012. I need this to get an insurance payment from a very unreasonable Insurance Company. Any input would be appreciated.


You can take a stab at Avherald for articles in the time frame you are looking for, other wise your only option is to contact the airline and see what, or if, they can tell you.

Airlines don’t normally put out reasons for cancelled flights, unless an entire airport gets shut down for weather and such. Otherwise, if it was mechanical, no crew, things like that, you won’t hear a word.


Check out the BTS on-time statistics.

If you provide the airline name and flight number I can get the data for you. Being a government organization, it’s not always easy to decipher the data.

Please be aware that the data doesn’t give specifics - it indicates if the delay was caused by carrier, weather, National Airspace System, security. or late aircraft aircraft.