SF Bay Area Fleet Week Ground Tracks Available?


For the 2011 SF Bay Area Fleet Week flights (demonstration and Blue Angels), I wondered if anyone had ground tracks posted so that I could determine in advance if a particular viewing spot was likely to reward the viewer with flyovers.

Thanks in advance!


Hands down the best spot is out on the water.
Fishing boats out from Fisherman’s Wharf charge around $40.
flickr.com/photos/mannyr8/se … 077756307/



Those are great pics, my favorite is the spiral vapor pattern on the C-130…or the lit afterburner. If on the water is not an option, what about from the top of Tam? Are they setting up any turns around the mountain?


I don’t think they go out as far as the top of Mount Tam.
Can you make it to the Golden Gate?
Other options are Sausalito or Angel Island.